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Our Vision

Promoting Green

Preparing society to promote and adopt green designing through a series of part-breaking innovations in recycling of old/discarded clothes.

Waste Management Opportunity

Creating a unique opportunity for people to participate and popularise waste management towards safeguarding of environment.

Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection
No To Non-Environment

Promoting decreased use of plastic/leather/wood/metal products commercially available in market and saving, even in a small way, use of cotton and the water used for its cultivation.

Building Skilled Cadre

Gradually building a cadre of skilled human resource among young girls in this new vocation.

We are preserving memories

Our customers are able to convert their clothes which have gone old and worn out, into a new highly usable products and preserve memories of their favourite but discarded clothes in new forms. They will be able to transform their old sarees, pants and jeans, salwar-kameez, shirts, chunnis, and bed sheets into a range of highly attractive, eye-catching products of daily use at a very reasonable exchange price.

Memories that never ends

For example, a mother observes that her dear son/daughter’s jean does not fit him/her any longer. She can get this jean turned into an attaché case or traveling bag in fond remembrance of her ward’s younger days. A wife does not want the saree gifted by her husband long long ago to rot in a trunk. She can get it turned into a cloth almirah hanging beside her bed.


  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Rohit NGO

    Rajouri Garden

    Got the bags in! They’re perfect and look great! Thank you so much. Appreciate your efficiency, care, and project quality. Will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Manorama NGO


    The tote bags did arrive last night and they look beautiful !!!!! I am very, very pleased and sincerely appreciate all your patience and kindness throughout this entire process. You are certainly an asset to the company and I will spread the word while selling our totes that you and the company are AWESOME !!!!! Thank you so much again

  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Shilpa NGO

    South Ex

    Just wanted to let you know that I received the grocery bags on Friday. They look great! We are so excited for our Earth Day event on Tuesday. Thank you so much for everything!

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